National Public Affairs Officers

Public Affairs in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary starts at the local Flotilla level (FSO-PA). From there the Chain of Leadership and Management moves on up to the next level, the Division (SO-PA). Moving up the chain, the Division Public Affairs Staff Officer reports to the District Public Affairs Officer (DSO-PA), who reports to the National Public Affairs Officer, the Department Chief (DC-A). If you need assistance please contact the District Public Affairs Officer nearest you to locate a Flotilla Public Affairs Officer.


COMO Harry Jacobs

Barry Novakoff
Deputy Director

Manny Romero
Division Chief - Training

Rande Wilson
Division Chief - Member Communications

Cecil Claspell
Division Chief - Web Services

Richard Mihalcik
Division Chief - Community Relations

Thomas Ceniglio
Division Chief - Media Relations

Jason Cyphers
Division Chief - Creative Services


U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary District Map


District Public Affairs Officers

Shaw C. Scott
First District Northern Region

Louis J. Digiusto III
First District Southern Region

Robert N. Babezki
Fifth District Northern Region

William Andrew Harrison
Fifth District Southern Region

Constance O. Irvin
Seventh District

Jerry L. Shaw Jr.
Eight District Coastal Region

Michael P. Heid
Eight District Eastern Region

Robert C. Donaldson
Eight District Western Rivers Region

Kristen Iglesias
Ninth District Central Region

Theresa A. Lavergne_Kunz
Ninth District Eastern Region

Michael M. Hudec
Ninth District Western Region

Jerry Beard Edelen
Eleventh District Northern Region

Clinton J. Wells
Eleventh District Southern Region

Richard James Rivera
Thirteenth District

Sterling J. Lau
Fourteenth District

Drew A. Herman
Seventeenth District